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The struggle to clear out your inbox is real – but save some space. We’ve scoured the web to discover the best email newsletters for women, and we haven’t come up short. Whether you’re in the mood for news, feminist manifestos, light humour, or the best #girlboss goals, there’s something for you. On that note, settle in with the subscribe button as we list out the best newsletters online.

Lenny Letter

Lenny Letter is a feminist newsletter created by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, who you might know better as the creators of HBO’s Girls. With Lenny, nothing is off topic. Emails cover everything from style to health, politics to friendship. Even better, it’s not uncommon for a familiar face to get involved. In February 2016, Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence penned a powerful essay for Lenny on the Hollywood wage gap. Sure, Lawrence might be grappling for millions more than the rest of us might be, but the beauty of Lenny is that every essay feels immediately relatable and familiar.

Frequency: Twice weekly

The Skimm

In this ever-changing world, trying to keep up with the Kardashians – let alone the news – can be overwhelming. That’s where The Skimm comes in. The Skimm distils the day’s most important headlines into a series of easy-to-read, bite-sized points. The newsletter will arrive in your inbox on weekday mornings, giving you a heads-up on the details you need to stay informed throughout the day. And it’s all written in a friendly, warm and funny tone that goes perfectly with your morning coffee. The only downside? While the newsletter does cover global news, The Skimm mostly caters to millennial women living in the United States.

Frequency: Every weekday

The Ann Friedman Weekly

Ann Friedman is a Los Angeles-based freelance journalist. You might know her from her awesome podcast Call Your Girlfriend or her work on New York magazine’s The Cut. But just as important is Friedman’s epic newsletter, The Ann Friedman Weekly. The email is perfectly timed to arrive on a Friday, just as you need a little boost of energy. Better, it’s filled with smart content that every woman (actually, every person) should read. But the cherry on top is Friedman’s use of GIFs to close out the week. Whether you’re in the mood for some culture, a dose of humour or something to get your brain moving, this newsletter has something for every woman.

Frequency: Every Friday

The Newsletters You Need to Read - Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner of Lenny Letter
Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner.
Photo: Lenny Letter

LZ Sunday Paper

Lauren Zalaznick is considered one of the most powerful women in business. But despite what is no doubt a busy schedule, Zalaznick makes time every weekend to release the riveting LZ Sunday Paper. The email always starts with a personal intro from Zalaznick, covering the ins and outs of her week or her latest adventures. Following, you’ll find a list of stories about “and very frequently by” women in business, as well as a healthy dose of pop culture and politics. What sets the LZ Sunday Paper apart, though, is the super-friendly tone. It’s as though your BFF is sending you an email jam-packed with her favourite stories.

Frequency: Every Sunday

The Coven Digest

The web is packed with bite-sized content, but sometimes certain topics call for something a little meatier. Enter: The Coven. The Coven is a website where professional women writers share smart content centred on a specific monthly theme. The Coven Digest packs these stories into a handy-dandy newsletter that you can dive into every lazy Sunday morning. Themes run the gamut from fun topics such as books to impactful issues such as abortion and work. As such, the emails are raw, unfiltered and at times emotional, but these stories are sure to resonate, no matter your lifestyle or location.

Frequency: Every Sunday

The Broadsheet

In 2014, Fortune magazine expanded its Most Powerful Women franchise to include The Broadsheet. The Broadsheet arrives on weekday mornings and is packed with the latest stories on the top female leaders. One day, The Broadsheet might include the scoop on Hillary Clinton’s latest campaign moves. The next day, the newsletter might cover sexual harassment lawsuits or the best workplaces for women. And it all comes with a Fortune editor’s personal touch. Consider The Broadsheet your daily digest of the biggest and most important #girlboss stories for women.

Frequency: Every weekday

The Newsletters You Need to Read - Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur of Of A Kind
Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur.
Photo: Of a Kind

10 Things by Of A Kind

Online retailer Of A Kind has made a name for itself by selling beautiful, limited-edition products through the art of storytelling. And the storytelling doesn’t stop at the store. Every week, Of A Kind’s founders, Claire and Erica, share their ten latest discoveries in 10 Things, their newsletter. For example, Erica might share her new favourite breakfast recipe or a must-read book. Claire might share an excellent magazine find or a fancy candle. The beauty of 10 Things is you never know what you’re going to get. There is a seduction in surprise, and that is the number one reason to look forward to receiving this email in your inbox.

Frequency: Weekly

Talia’s New Obsession

Spotify might work hard to introduce you to new music, but some might say Talia Kraines works just as hard. Kraines is a UK-based music curator and radio producer. Since 2015, Kraines has been sending out a monthly email jam-packed with her latest music finds. You’ll get a link to her latest Spotify playlists, plus a rundown of the albums and songs Kraines loves the most. That’s the good news. The even-better news is Kraine shines the spotlight on under-the-radar tunes. It’s not all about big labels and names here. If you love being the first to know, Talia’s New Obsession is one newsletter you need, now.

Frequency: Monthly


Read.Look.Think is the brainchild of Australian-born, UK-based writer and brand strategist Jessica Stanley. And what a brainchild it is. Inside every email, you’ll find a list of smart and compelling links to the crème de la crème of Stanley’s web browsing. An in-depth interview with Emily Weiss of Glossier? Check. A thorough account of the Brexit drama? Check. Make no mistake; there’s plenty to read. But there’s also plenty of eye candy to drool over. From Instagram feeds to interesting recipes, Stanley’s finds will instil your day with plenty to mull over, read, save for later, look over. Just as the title promises.

Frequency: Weekly-monthly

The Newsletters You Need to Read - Sheryl Sandberg of Lean In
Sheryl Sandberg.
Photo: Lean In

Lean In

When Sheryl Sandberg published Lean In, she didn’t just publish a book; she started a movement. The Lean In organisation is devoted to encouraging women to pursue their ambitions, whatever they may be. The movement is about changing the conversation surrounding women. And what better way to start than by receiving a monthly dose of motivation in your inbox? From the minute you sign up, the Lean In newsletter encourages you to get involved, make positive changes in your life, grow, connect, and move closer to a more equal world. It’s easy to read and the perfect way to start a day. What are you waiting for?

Frequency: Monthly


Generation Z is used to having a plethora of information at their fingertips. But when it comes time to distil that information down, where to go? The answer is Clover. Clover is a daily email newsletter for the girls of Generation Z. Created by two former magazine editors, Liza Darwin and Casey Lewis, Clover covers the topics teen girls need to know. Think HPV vaccines, superfoods, iPhone usage, life after high school, and more. It’s fun and sassy, but most importantly, Clover is well-informed. Darwin and Lewis don’t shield their readers from the realities of the world. Instead, they’re out to prepare their readers. Who can say no to that?

Frequency: Daily


Glynnis MacNicol and Rachel Sklar started The with a simple aim in mind: increasing visibility, access and opportunity for women. Mission: accomplished. The is a must-read newsletter for professional women. When it arrives in your inbox, you’ll be treated to inspiration, advice, and must-read articles, just to start. The also opens you up to an amazing community of like-minded and supportive women. The women in The’s community have helped each other land startup funding, network with key contacts, and provided advice and support when needed. If The sounds like your crew, it’s time to get involved.

Frequency: Three times a week

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