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The web provides us with instant access to many things, not least of which is endless fashion inspiration. On a whim, you can turn to your favourite fashion blogger or street style photographer and receive a bounty of outfit ideas, trend tricks, and style tips. So, where do you find the best of the best? Keep reading to check out the top fashion blogs to follow now – from personal style to street style to fashion news.

Rumi Neely / Fashiontoast

Rumi Neely was one of the first fashion bloggers to rise to fame. She started her blog, Fashiontoast, way back in January 2008, and quickly found a following. Readers loved Neely’s ability to mix high-street brands with high-fashion labels. Forever 21 combined with Chloe? Check! These days, Neely’s time is mostly devoted to Are You Am I, the fashion label she launched in 2014. But you can still find Neely posting (and posing) up a storm on Fashiontoast and on Instagram, where she has amassed more than 700k followers.

Category: Personal style

Sara Donaldson / Harper & Harley

Since launching Harper & Harley in late 2008, Sydney-based fashion blogger Sara Donaldson has made some big moves. She scored a leading role on the reality show Fashion Bloggers. She launched a capsule collection of shoes with Tony Bianco. And more recently, Donaldson has launched an online store for the “effortless minimalist,” called The Undone. Donaldson is known for her pared-back wardrobe – think essentials, not trends. If you feel the same way about fashion, bookmark Harper & Harley pronto.

Category: Personal style

Found: The Fashion Blogs You Need to Follow - Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast
Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast.
Photo: Rumi Neely/Fashiontoast

Julie Sariñana / Sincerely Jules

Julie Sariñana is not your average fashion blogger. Sariñana started blogging at Sincerely Jules in early 2009, and though she has risen the ranks, she has stayed true to her personal style. She wears her favourite clothes and accessories year after year; she opts for flats over heels, and she regularly mixes high with low. See, not your average blogger. Happily, we can inject a little of Sariñana’s style into our lives thanks to Shop Sincerely Jules, her eponymous label, which is stocked at stores such as Revolve Clothing and Shopbop.

Category: Personal style

Chiara Ferragni / The Blonde Salad

Chiara Ferragni may have had big dreams when she started The Blonde Salad in 2009, but even she couldn’t have predicted her wild success. Not only does Ferragni rake in upwards of $8 million per year, but she is also the first fashion blogger to have been studied at Harvard Business School. Not too shabby. Recently, Ferragni has elevated The Blonde Salad from a personal style blog to a “lifestyle experience” that encompasses her various brands, including the Chiara Ferragni shoe line. Onwards and upwards.

Category: Personal style

Aimee Song / Song of Style

Los Angeles-based interior designer and blogger Aimee Song launched Song of Style back in 2008. The site soon rose to the top of the pack, and with good reason: Song has an impeccable eye for style. Song of Style has since expanded to include Two Songs, a fashion label, and Capture Your Style, a book on how to build a gorgeous Instagram feed. Given Song boasts almost 4 million followers on Instagram, you would be wise to follow in her creative footsteps.

Category: Personal style

Found: The Fashion Blogs You Need to Follow - Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules
Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules.
Photo: Julie Sariñana/Sincerely Jules

Scott Schuman / The Sartorialist

In 2005, photographer Scott Schuman started hitting the streets of New York to celebrate and capture in real time what people are wearing. Schuman shared his work on The Sartorialist and fast became the street style blogger du jour. His unique eye for style has taken him far and wide. Schuman has scored three book deals, and his work can be found at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, among others. Despite the accolades, Schuman still hangs out where it all began, with new photos appearing on The Sartorialist every week.

Category: Street style

Ari Seth Cohen / Advanced Style

While most fashion blogs focus on the personal style of millennials, photographer Ari Seth Cohen has dedicated his blog, Advanced Style, to “capturing the sartorial savvy of the senior set.” So, street style photos with a twist: the subject must be 60 or older. The result is fantastic. Advanced Style’s subjects have flair, spirit, and plenty of confidence, and they inspire with every outfit. Better yet, the inspiration doesn’t stop with the blog: the success of Advanced Style has led to both a documentary and two books of the same name.

Category: Street style


Looking for the scoop on the latest designer switches? Or perhaps an in-depth interview with a fashion insider? Or an exclusive look at the brands about to make it big? There’s only one blog for you: Fashionista. Every day, Fashionista publishes the industry and insider news you need to know. The stories here are accessible and easy to read, yet filled with nitty-gritty details and written in an expert tone. Make no mistake: if you don’t want to be the last to know, don’t skip adding Fashionista to your bookmarks.

Category: Fashion news

Found: The Fashion Blogs You Need to Follow - Gala Gonzalez of Amlul
Gala Gonzalez of Amlul.
Photo: Gala Gonzalez/Amlul

Gala Gonzalez / Amlul

First, a word of warning: A visit to Amlul, the blog of Spanish-born jet setter Gala Gonzalez, will induce immediate envy. But if you can get past your feelings, you’ll be treated to a veritable smorgasbord of outfit inspiration and #travelgoals. In any given week, Gonzalez might be DJing a gig in New York, living it up on a Thai island, or attending fashion week in Paris. The good news? Despite Gonzalez’s globetrotting, there is no pretence; Amlul feels warm and inviting, as though anyone can join in on the fun.

Category: Personal style

Leandra Medine / Man Repeller

When Leandra Medine first launched her blog, Man Repeller, in 2010, it was a vessel through which she combined her quirky personal style and love of words. It worked; the world started paying her attention. These days, Man Repeller stays faithful to the original ethos, but with a team of writers at the helm. Now you’ll find hilarious fashion week write-ups, product reviews with a twist, and essays on everything from personal style to true love. And did we mention Man Repeller has two podcasts? Go, go now.

Category: Personal style

Susanna Lau / Style Bubble

London-based blogger Susanna Lau (aka Susie Bubble) has been at the front of the fashion blogging pack with Style Bubble since early 2006. Style Bubble stands out for a sea of reasons, not least of which are Lau’s smart observations on the fashion industry. Lau isn’t afraid to take a stand, call out a brand, or set herself apart when it comes to fashion. Better yet, Lau regularly introduces her readers to up-and-coming designers. If you hate being the last to know, Style Bubble is a must-read blog. Trust us.

Category: Personal style

Found: The Fashion Blogs You Need to Follow - Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific
Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific.
Photo: Blair Eadie/Atlantic-Pacific

Blair Eadie / Atlantic-Pacific

You would be forgiven for considering Blair Eadie, the blogger behind Atlantic-Pacific, a real-life Carrie Bradshaw. Based in New York, Eadie is known for her quirky-cool high-fashion outfits, her perfect beauty looks, and her inimitable personal style. In fact, so impeccable is Eadie’s style, it can leave one speechless. That might be why Eadie shuns the usual blogger habit of talking about her looks and instead lets her looks speak for themselves. Who needs words when you look this good?

Category: Personal style

Tommy Ton

Canadian street style photographer Tommy Ton started documenting his favourite fashion looks in 2005 at Jak & Jil. He moved on to and GQ, before finally settling at his eponymous website in 2015. Throughout, Ton has earned a reputation as one of the best in the industry. It’s thanks in no small part to his recognisable style: raw, colourful and natural. No matter your style, you’ll find an endless expanse of outfit inspiration at Ton’s Pinterest-style (and Pinterest-worthy) website.

Category: Street style

Aleali May

Meet: Aleali May. May is a professional image consultant (read: super-stylist) and blogger whose editorial-worthy outfit photographs have been piquing our interest for quite some time now. It’s not hard to see why, either. Influenced by her childhood in So-Cal, May effortlessly fuses streetwear with high fashion, a mix that has caught the attention of brands such as Nike and Adidas and earned May invites to New York Fashion Week. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favour and add Aleali May’s blog to your bookmarks now.

Category: Personal style

Found: The Fashion Blogs You Need to Follow - Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper
Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper.
Photo: Nicole Warne/Gary Pepper

Gabi Gregg / GabiFresh

Are you ready to break all the fashion rules? If so, hit up Gabi Gregg’s excellent blog, GabiFresh, stat. Gregg started her blog back in 2008 as a new graduate who wanted to put her writing skills to good use. The rest is history. Gabi Fresh has since been featured in the New York Times and Cosmopolitan magazine, to name a few. Gregg has also taken her break-the-rules ethos to the design industry, creating a swimwear collection in collaboration with SwimSexy that is “fit for a queen.” So what are you waiting for?

Category: Personal style

Nicole Warne / Gary Pepper

Chanel, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana. What do these three brands have in common? To start, all three have worked with Nicole Warne, the Australian-based fashion blogger behind Gary Pepper. Yes, ever since Warne burst onto the blogging scene in 2009, she has racked up an incredible list of accolades. These days, thanks to her role as a digital consultant for Australian airline Qantas, you’ll usually find Warne on Instagram, where her striking images take centre stage for her 1.6 million followers.

Category: Personal style

The Business of Fashion

If you’re in the fashion industry or hoping to be, The Business of Fashion is the ultimate resource. With writers in cities around the world, The Business of Fashion provides its readers with a 360-degree view of the fashion world. Which brands are making a mark? Which influencers are moving on up? Who is moving from one label to another? Which fashion schools are the best? BoF, as it is known, has the answers, along with eye-opening insights and exclusive behind-the-scenes stories.

Category: Fashion news

Found: The Fashion Blogs You Need to Follow - Charlotte of The Fashion Guitar
Charlotte of The Fashion Guitar.
Photo: Charlotte/The Fashion Guitar

Pernille Teisbaek

Pernille Teisbaek used to work as a fashion editor, so is it surprising to see Teisbaek has quickly risen to the top of the fashion blogging world? Not so much. Originally, Teisbaek shared her outfits and inspiration at Look de Pernille, but these days you’ll find the majority of her #OOTDs on Instagram. There, it’s all about soaking up the good life. Follow along as Teisbaek travels the world, attends fabulous fashion parties, hits up fashion week, and shares her latest buys, all while showing off that Scandi-cool style we know and love.

Category: Personal style

Charlotte / The Fashion Guitar

Dutch fashion blogger Charlotte started her blog The Fashion Guitar after working with several bloggers while living in London. Fast forward to today, Charlotte is a New York-based blogger whose love of life, family and fashion shines through in every post. Believe us when we tell you, there’s just something about Charlotte. Whether it’s her fun personality, her quirky-cool style, or her cute-as-can-be kids, you’ll fall in love the minute you visit The Fashion Guitar. Don’t hesitate. Go now.

Category: Personal style

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