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Getting your beauty routine down can be tricky business. Happily, the web has a plethora of inspiration and ideas, if you know where to look. Ahead, we’ve picked out the best beauty websites for women – from online stores, where you’ll find the top makeup, hair, and skin care products, to beauty blogs, where you’ll find know-how, tips, and tricks from the best in the industry.


When it comes to the best of the best, the crème de la crème, in beauty websites, Sephora tops the list. Here, you’ll find thousands of makeup, skin and hair products, along with the tools you need to implement a head-to-toe beauty regimen. Even better, the Sephora community is a hive of knowledge. Check out the reviews section for insider tips on how to make the most of your products.

Category: Fragrance, hair care, makeup, nails, skin care
Bonus: Receive three free samples with every purchase.


Walking into the beauty section of a department store can be overwhelming. Happily, Nordstrom has refined that experienced for the web. Here, you’ll find all the beauty brands you love – Chanel, MAC Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown – ready to buy on an easy, intuitive and fuss-free website. Pro tip: Look out for the annual Anniversary Sale, where you’ll find exclusive makeup products and significant discounts.

Category: Fragrance, hair care, makeup, nails, skin care
Bonus: Receive three free samples with every purchase.

The Beauty Websites You Need to Know - Sephora
Sephora Collection lipsticks.
Photo: Sephora


Whether you’re new to the beauty game, or you’re a seasoned pro who loves trying new things, Birchbox has you covered. Birchbox is a subscription box service that ships a box of beauty samples to your door, every month, for just $10. Birchbox will tailor the samples to your personal beauty needs, and once you find something you just have to have? Well, the full-sized products are just a click away.

Category: Subscription
Bonus: Receive free shipping in the United States when you spend $50 or more.


If you think long and hard about what you put in your body and what you put on your body, it’s time to meet BeautyCounter. BeautyCounter aims to offer its customers the best natural products around. They have a strict “Never List” featuring more than 1,500 harmful chemicals, all of which BeautyCounter has banned from its bounty of goods. The natural look has never been easier.

Category: Natural beauty
Bonus: Members of the Band of Beauty program receive free shipping when you spend $100 or more.

Cult Beauty

Are you in the know? With Cult Beauty, you will be. The team at Cult Beauty is picky, which means they bring their customers only the best of the best. Instead of entire collections – from brands such as BECCA, Sunday Riley, and Beautyblender – you’ll only find the products Cult Beauty deemed the cream of the crop. Coupled the store with a must-read blog and you have yourself a one-stop shop.

Category: Fragrance, hair care, makeup, nails, skin care
Bonus: Receive free worldwide shipping when you spend £50 or more.

The Beauty Websites You Need to Know - BeautyCounter
Photo: BeautyCounter


Once upon a time you might have headed to Amazon for books and books only, but these days it’s where those in-the-know go for luxury beauty products from around the world. Here, you’ll discover the hard-to-find products that you’d only read about until now. Think: foot peels, facial serums, BB creams, snail gel masks, cleansing toners and more. The world is your beauty oyster.

Category: Fragrance, hair care, makeup, nails, skin care


ULTA Beauty lives by a simple credo: all things beauty, all in one place. If you also love to keep things simple, ULTA is one of the best stores around. More than 500 beauty brands – from big names to rising stars – stock their products here, giving ULTA customers the chance to choose from more than 20,000 products. The cherry on top? A hard-to-resist loyalty program with major rewards

Category: Fragrance, hair care, makeup, nails, skin care
Bonus: Receive free shipping within the United States when you spend $50 or more.

The Beauty Websites You Need to Know - Violet Grey
Violet Grey.
Photo: Violet Grey

Violet Grey

Do you scour Instagram to discover which celebrities and makeup artists are using which products? If so, life just became a lot easier. The team at Violet Grey sources products using a strict code: every product is thoroughly tested and approved – by Hollywood’s leading makeup artists and biggest stars, naturally – before it’s uploaded to the site. The result is an edited selection of products that won’t do you wrong.

Category: Fragrance, hair care, makeup, nails, skin care

Shen Beauty

When Jessica Richards couldn’t find a particular face cream, she did what any #GIRLBOSS would do and created a beauty store. Brooklyn-based Shen Beauty stocks all the natural and niche beauty products you’ve been dreaming of your entire life. It’s the only store to shop when you are in the search for brand new beauty ideas and inspiration. Believe.

Category: Natural and niche
Bonus: Receive free shipping on every order within the United States and free worldwide shipping when you spend $150 or more.

Nourished Life

When it comes to natural beauty, Nourished Life is next-level amazing. Here, you’ll find thousands of toxin-free beauty products hand-picked by the Nourished Life team. That’s the good news. The even-better news is this Australian-based website believes beauty starts from within. Accordingly, they sell healthy supplements and superfoods so you can start working on the natural look from the inside out.

Category: Natural beauty
Bonus: Receive free shipping within Australia on every order.

The Beauty Websites You Need to Know - Honest Beauty
Honest Beauty.
Photo: Honest Beauty

Honest Beauty

In 2012, actress Jessica Alba founded The Honest Company, which sells toxin-free household products. In 2015, the brand expanded to include Honest Beauty. Honest Beauty is a collection of beauty products “as effective as they are safe.” You can shop for individual products, or you can bundle your goodies by choosing any three products for a $50 monthly fee.

Category: Natural beauty
Bonus: Trial the Honest Beauty products for free by paying just $6 for shipping.

Peach and Lily

Peach and Lily founder Alicia Yoon is at the forefront of the K-Beauty business in the Western world, and we can’t thank her enough. At Peach and Lily, you’ll find the best of the best when it comes to Asian-sourced skin care, makeup and body products. The company doesn’t miss a beat; whatever your skin concern – blackheads, pores, redness – they have the remedy you need.

Category: K-Beauty
Bonus: Receive free shipping within the United States when you spend $50 or more.

The Beauty Websites You Need to Know - Glossier
Glossier (by Into the Gloss).
Photo: Glossier

Into the Gloss

In 2010, Emily Weiss saw a gap in the beauty business and decided to fill it. Thus, Into the Gloss, an editorial site dedicated to exploring the beauty routines of women, was born. The blog is a must-read for anyone who loves the nitty-gritty: the best red lipsticks, the products supermodels use on their skin, the products Kim Kardashian advocates. Even better, Into the Gloss expanded in 2014 with Glossier, a curated line of must-try beauty products.

Category: Beauty blog

Michelle Phan

When Michelle Phan started uploading YouTube beauty tutorials in 2007, no one could have predicted the beauty empire ahead. Fast forward to today, Phan’s brand boasts more than a billion views and 8 million subscribers. Her blog, however, is the hub of everything. Here, you’ll find links to Phan’s latest video tutorials, favourite tips and tricks, and upcoming trends. If you’re ready to fall into a rabbit hole of beauty know-how, Phan’s website is the place to start.

Category: Beauty blog and vlog

Mane Addicts

If you have ever scrolled through the Instagram feeds of the Kardashians, you’ve probably come across Jen Atkins, hair stylist to the stars. Happily, Atkins isn’t one to keep her styling secrets to herself, which is why she launched Mane Addicts back in 2014. There’s how-tos, hair inspiration, product tips, celebrity beauty tips, and more. And the best part? A series of “university” classes that will help you become a hair expert. For hair tips and tricks straight from the professionals, this is your new go-to blog.

Category: Hair blog

The Beauty Websites You Need to Know - Gritty Pretty
Gritty Pretty.
Photo: Gritty Pretty

The Sunday Girl

The Sunday Girl is a UK-based beauty blog that has been diligently posting product reviews since 2011. If you’re wavering on a product; if you need to know the ins-and-outs; if you want to see the product in “real life” before you buy – The Sunday Girl is the beauty blog for you. The reviews are easy to read and disarmingly honest; The Sunday Girl is not about hype or buzz. Topped off with Q&As, compelling discussions, and throwback reviews, and you have yourself one comprehensive blog.

Category: Beauty review blog

Gritty Pretty

If you love beauty magazines, you’ll love Gritty Pretty. The Australian-based brand features a free digital beauty magazine that has seen the likes of Miranda Kerr and Jessica Hart on the cover. Also, there’s a fun beauty blog featuring how-tos and product reviews. The magazine is a gratifying read thanks to page after page of professional photographs and curated editorials. Trust us when we say: if you click over to Gritty Pretty, you won’t be able to turn away.

Category: Beauty blog and magazine

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