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Take a look around you at any given moment and you’ll see someone glued to their phone. We’re living in the age of apps, and with good reason. After all, whether we need to hail a ride, track our periods, or take a time out – there’s an app for that, as the saying goes. On that note, keep reading to check out our list of the best apps for women. Phones ready – there’s something fun here for every woman.


No longer must you break your back to haul your copy of Vogue‘s September issue around. Instead, just download the Zinio app and you’ll have instant access to all your favourite magazines. You can download issues to read when you’re offline, and when you’re online, you can tap links to shop your favourite products. Even better? If you’ve missed an issue, most magazines have a huge back catalogue ready and waiting.

Category: Magazines / iTunes / Android


Netflix hardly needs an introduction. For the last few years, the media company has been making waves with its streaming options and original programming. So, why download the app? Well, you’ll receive instant on-the-go access to amazing women-centric shows such as Orange Is the New Black and Jessica Jones, plus you’ll be able to look forward to 2017 when Girlboss, a show based on Sophia Amoruso’s life, premieres.

Category: Movie and television streaming / iTunes / Android


Sometimes you are so sure about the type of shoe or necklace you are looking for that you know exactly which store to hit up. But sometimes you don’t. On those occasions, ShopStyle is your best friend. Here, thousands of clothes, shoes, accessories, and home décor products line up to form shopping heaven. You can sort by brand, product, store, colour, and price – then just click to buy. It’s almost too easy.

Category: Shopping / iTunes / Android

The Best Apps for Women to Download Now - ShopStyle
Photo: ShopStyle

Brit Morin has turned her lifestyle site,, into a handy-dandy app that will inspire you with its plethora of DIY projects, home décor ideas, technology tips and more. The premise behind the app is simple. It’s all about exploring your creative side. With that said, prepare yourself: you’ll be whipping out your pens and pencils within minutes of downloading the app.

Category: Lifestyle and DIY / iTunes / Android


Maybe you keep track of every dollar you spend. Or maybe you need a helping hand with your budget. Either way, the Learnvest app has something for you. With Learnvest, you’ll get a complete view of your financial situation: your assets, your debts, your total net worth. Using that info, you can create a budget, for anything from everyday spending to your next vacation, and start moving on up.

Category: Money / iTunes


There’s nothing quite like stepping away from real life for a moment and living vicariously through someone else. That’s the gift of Instagram. With the app at the ready, you can check out the latest snaps from fashion week, jet-set around the globe, or fall in love with a tiny puppy – just by scrolling through your feed. If that’s not reason enough for every woman to download the Instagram app, we don’t know what is.

Category: Photo sharing / iTunes / Android

The Best Apps for Women to Download Now - Spotify
Photo: Spotify


Sure, Uber has revolutionised the way we travel, but it’s also had its share of safety problems. That’s where SafeHer comes in. Think of SafeHer the same way you think of Uber, but with built-in peace of mind for women. First, SafeHer is empowering women to drive and earn money. Second, SafeHer is offering women the freedom to travel with confidence, knowing they are safe and supporting other women, all at once.

Category: Ride sharing


When you want to elevate your mood – and boost your girl power levels – there’s an app for that: Spotify. Where else can you find music by Adele, Beyoncé, Florence + The Machine, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, and Alicia Keys and play it for free? Even better, where else can you save said music for those offline moments? Sure, you’ll need a Spotify subscription for that, but it’s worth it.

Category: Music streaming / iTunes / Android


Picture this: You’re just about to run out the door when you come across an article you need to read. Maybe it’s a recipe; maybe it’s a profile on Jennifer Lawrence. Either way, if you have the Pocket app, you don’t need to try and find it again later. Instead, you can tap a single button and save the article in your “pocket.” You can tag, archive, and favourite items too, making it the best app for organising your offline reading material.

Category: Online bookmarking / iTunes / Android

The Best Apps for Women to Download Now - Clue
Photo: Clue


Some of us have an easy time when our period rolls around, some of us don’t, and some of us fall in the middle. No matter where you lie on the spectrum, it’s time to get a clue. The Clue app, that is. Clue helps you track the nitty-gritty details of your period, from flow to pain to mood. As you enter data, Clue becomes more and more accurate, helping you to get to know your body from the inside out. Our verdict? Genius.

Category: Period tracker / iTunes / Android


You know that feeling you get when you tick an item off your to-do list? Amplify that, and you’ll understand the feeling you get when the Todoist app congratulates you on a day well done. Todoist is a fantastic app for keeping track of tasks, getting shit done, and feeling good. It’s easy, intuitive and beautiful – and it even lets you rack up karma points based on your goals. Being productive never felt so good.

Category: Productivity / iTunes / Android


If you have an ever-growing list of blogs and websites you like to visit; we won’t blame you for feeling overwhelmed. Happily, the Feedly app can help relieve the pressure. Feedly is an RSS reader, which means all you need to do is add a blog to your list, and it will pull in the latest posts from that blog as they arrive. All your unread articles, in one place, ready when you are? It sounds like a dream.

Category: RSS and web feeds / iTunes / Android

The Best Apps for Women to Download Now - Nike Training Club
Nike+ Training Club.
Photo: Nike+ Training Club

Yoga Studio

For anyone who loves their regular yoga practice, Yoga Studio is a must-download app. The app is jam-packed with virtual “classes” that you can add to your personalised studio and practice whenever you like. The classes cover every capability, from beginner to pro. Also, there are sun salutations, meditations, and stretches for runners. You can use the app to top-up or replace your real-world classes. That’s how good it is.

Category: Health and fitness / iTunes / Android

Nike+ Training Club

If you love switching up your fitness routine and using competition as motivation, make sure you download the Nike+ Training Club app pronto. Nike has enlisted the best of the best – including Serena Williams – to create fun workouts and drills (of every level) for its users. The icing on the cake? You can share and compare your progress with your friends and the community, which will help motivate you to keep moving.

Category: Health and fitness / iTunes / Android


There’s no denying that a helping hand from the universe can go a long way. Thanks to the AstroStyle app, that helping hand is just a click away. Twin sisters Ophira and Tali Edut, better known in astrology circles as The AstroTwins, use their app to offer up cosmic advice on the best days for love, your future career opportunities, and more. Sure, their free website is great, but having The AstroTwins on hand at all times? That’s priceless.

Category: Horoscopes / iTunes

The Best Apps for Women to Download Now - Sleep Genius
Sleep Genius.
Photo: Sleep Genius


Adult colouring books have been having a moment in the spotlight, so it was only a matter of time before the trend turned digital. Enter: Pigment. The iPad-based app is perfect for anyone who wants to draw out their creative side while also bettering their mental and emotional health. You can colour for free, or you can buy packs of pages if you want to take your colouring to the next level.

Category: Creativity / iTunes

Sleep Genius

Improving your sleep hygiene can change your life, enriching everything from your productivity to physical health. So how do you fine-tune your sleep hygiene? To start, download the Sleep Genius app. The app features a built-in alarm system that helps you create a regular sleep schedule; not only will it wake you with soothing sounds, but it will also create sleep reports that show you what’s going on as you snooze.

Category: Sleep / iTunes / Android

R29 This AM

You don’t need to be a genius to know a lot is happening in the world. So how do you get your daily dose of news without feeling overwhelmed? You turn to the Refinery29 This AM. This handy-dandy app curates the top eight need-to-know news stories for the day. To begin, the app will just school you on the headlines, but if you’re ready to take a deep-dive, you can click on each story for the details. Too easy.

Category: News / iTunes

The Best Apps for Women to Download Now - Beautified
Photo: Beautified


As busy women-on-the-go, you know it can be hard trying to keep up with your beauty routine. That’s where Beautified fits in. This clever little app makes booking salon appointments – whether you need a mani-pedi or a new hairstyle – super easy. Better still, Beautified knows beauty isn’t just about what’s on the outside. Want to find a gym? Beautified gives you access to a full suite of fitness appointments.

Category: Beauty and hair / iTunes

Project September

If you use Instagram for a live feed of outfit inspiration, Project September is your new best friend. Project September features a curated feed of editorial-quality fashion photographs and outfit posts pulled from Instagram. So your daily outfit inspiration? Covered. The best part, but, is that many of the images are shoppable. There are no fussy captions, making it the best app for liking, sharing and shopping.

Category: Fashion / iTunes

Appy Couple

If you’re a blushing bride-to-be, make sure you download Appy Couple, stat. This beautifully-designed app lets you share wedding info with your guests, covering everything from RSVPs to plus-ones. It even allows you to set up multiple events – say, a rehearsal dinner and then the wedding – with different guest lists for each. The cherry on top? You and your guests can upload photos to create a gorgeous live-stream of the big day.

Category: Weddings / iTunes / Android

The Best Apps for Women to Download Now - SharetheMeal
Photo: SharetheMeal


Ask any blogger, influencer or celebrity which app they use to edit their Instagram photographs and you’ll start to hear one name more than others: VSCO. The VSCO Cam app offers professional-grade editing tools and advanced camera controls. It can take a bit of getting used to, but soon you’ll be a pro. And once you are, you can join in with the VSCO community and start sharing your beautiful pictures.

Category: Photography and editing / iTunes / Android


There are few better feelings than the feeling you get when you help someone in need. That’s why the SharetheMeal app is a must. Once you download the app, it takes just one click to “share the meal” with a hungry child. After that tap, the small amount of US $0.50 will be taken from your account. With that money, the United Nations World Food Programme will be able to feed one child in need for one day.

Category: Social good / iTunes / Android


You can’t sleep; your daily commute is boring, or you’re waiting for your eternally late BFF. Whenever you need a good distraction, the Pinterest app is your go-to. With this app at hand, you can spend a dangerous amount of time daydreaming about climbing the Eiffel tower, making the perfect pasta dish, or decorating your home. But since there’s no such thing as “too much” when it comes to inspiration, we don’t care.

Category: Creativity / iTunes / Android

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