Sophia Amoruso Is Releasing a Second Book

Another day, another lifestyle book? Sure, that’s how it seems right now. But if there’s one author destined to steer us away from our apathy, it’s Sophia Amoruso. The Nasty Gal founder who brought us #GIRLBOSS (both the book and the upcoming Netflix original series) is launching a new book, Nasty Galaxy, in October.

Sophia Amoruso Is Releasing a Second Book

According to Nasty Gal’s blog, also named Nasty Galaxy, readers can expect “a visually lush coffee-table opus that encapsulates all things Nasty Gal.” #GIRLBOSS, this is not. Instead, you can look forward to a scrapbook of illustrations, photos, graphic, and short essays, all of which aim to spotlight the influences and inspiration that led Amoruso to where she is today. Think: punk culture, music, and female icons such as Cherie Curie and Grace Jones. (Plus, a home and closet tour, just for good measure.)

So, why the “rocket departure” from business-minded writing? Amoruso tells Refinery29 she wanted to get her “hands dirty creatively and tell a story in a different way,” although she is quick to assure readers that Nasty Galaxy is for the same reader who loved #GIRLBOSS.

Although the book won’t arrive until October 4, you can pre-order your copy now. In the meantime, you’ll have to make do with going over your copy of #GIRLBOSS and following Amoruso on Twitter for a sneak peek at what is to come.

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