Motivation Monday: Your Cheat Sheet to a Better Week

Motivation Monday: Your Cheat Sheet to a Better Week

We’re all about living an inspired and inspiring life. So, each week in our #MotivationMonday series, we’re treating you to a collection of tips and tricks for a better, faster and stronger week.

“For a happy life, it’s important to cultivate an atmosphere of growth – the sense that we’re learning new things, getting stronger, forging new relationships, making things better, helping other people. Habits have a tremendous role to play in creating an atmosphere of growth, because they help us make consistent, reliable progress.” – A quote from Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives by Gretchen Rubin, now out in paperback.

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Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez (pictured) has launched an inspiring campaign on Instagram to highlight Latino actors and actresses. Named #MovementMondays, the campaign helps to support and bring exposure to the Latino acting community. Use the hashtag to share and show your support for the movement.

Motivation Monday: Your Cheat Sheet to a Better Week

If there’s nothing that inspires you quite like a motivating morning mantra, look no further than this stylish print we found at Urban Outfitters. “Be bold, brave & brilliant,” it reads, and we couldn’t agree more.

AngelStar Forever Be Bold, Brave & Brilliant Art Print ($19)

Eat Pray Love and Big Magic author Elizabeth Gilbert was once an unpublished waitress whose dream of being a writer was just that: a dream. In this stirring Ted Talk from 2014, Gilbert talks about how to carry on through failure and success, regardless of the outcome.

Motivation Monday: Your Cheat Sheet to a Better Week

The Skinny is a six-part comedy series by Refinery29 chronicling the adventures of a female artist as she tries to break into the mainstream – all while dealing with an overbearing mother, a years-long struggle with bulimia and a drug addict ex-boyfriend. Tune in now for a real-life look at the life of a millennial woman.

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