It’s Here: Your Horoscope for 2016

While you can reboot your life any time you choose, there is something about the beginning of a new calendar year that gives us an extra dose of motivation. And while you can never be fully prepared for what life can bring, you can get a head start thanks to our favourite astrologers – the AstroTwins, Ophira and Tali Edut – and their 2016 Planetary Planner.

The Planetary Planner offers you a sneak peek at what the stars have in store for you in 2016, and it covers absolutely everything – love and relationships, career, money, health and wellness, family, spirituality, friendships and more.

Ahead, you can take a sneak peek at your 2016 horoscope. If you’re all set, head straight over to AstroStyle to get the complete Planetary Planner in your hot little hands.

It's Here: Your Horoscope for 2016
It's Here: Your Horoscope for 2016


Wax on, wax off, Aries grasshopper. In 2016, you’re learning the power of a routine, and the strength that comes from disciplined development. While progress might not happen overnight, the small steps you take ARE adding up so trust in the process.

It's Here: Your Horoscope for 2016


Ready, aim, fire! Cupid’s golden-tipped arrows are pointed directly at your heart in 2016—a year to let love rule. Until September 9, supersizer Jupiter floats through Virgo and your fifth house of passion, glamour, creativity and fertility. Ready to put a ring on it or a bun in the oven? Strike now while the ethically mined diamonds are hot.

It's Here: Your Horoscope for 2016


Who wants to play house? Quicksilver Geminis could actually “settle down” in 2016, trading their leather hot pants for a pair of drawstring-waist mom jeans. Kidding! Well, about the mom jeans part. Your nesting instincts take the wheel this year as Jupiter hunkers down in Virgo and your domestic zone until September 9.

It's Here: Your Horoscope for 2016


Float like a butterfly, pince like a crab. In 2016, you’ll earn your wings as the zodiac’s most extroverted sign—quite a status change for you! Thank jovial Jupiter for that. The red-spotted planet is breezing through Virgo and your supersocial third house until September 9. You could find yourself at the center of the action, organizing, gathering and playing entertainment director for your coterie.

It's Here: Your Horoscope for 2016


Glamour and fame are your stock-in-trade, Leo, but in 2016 you’ll shine with a more sophisticated sparkle. Maturing Saturn is rooted in Sagittarius and your expressive, romantic fifth house all year, dialing down drama and giving life a more serious tone. Stop swinging from the chandeliers and plant your crimson-soled heels on solid earth.

It's Here: Your Horoscope for 2016


A whole new world! A new fantastic point of view! With lucky Jupiter cruising through Virgo until September 9, you’ll feel like an astrological Aladdin in 2016, riding the cosmic kilim to new crests of success. The bountiful, red-spotted planet only visits your sign once a decade, so take advantage of the auspicious window for growth and expansion it brings.

It's Here: Your Horoscope for 2016


Summon those spirit animals, call upon your guides! Until September 9, horizon-expanding Jupiter vision quests through your ethereal twelfth house, a time for soul-searching and surrender. Forget forcing an agenda for the future. Instead, make your motto, “be here now.” Signs, serendipities and miracles pop up at every turn. Your job, Libra, is to pay attention.

It's Here: Your Horoscope for 2016


Plant your feet on solid ground—and stay there a while. Stability brings serenity in 2016 as structured Saturn camps out in Sagittarius and your second house of foundations. This is a huge relief! From October 2012 to September 2015, you hosted the taskmaster planet in your sign—a phase that felt a lot like boot camp. This year, you’re free of Saturn’s grip and a lot clearer about the path you want to walk.

It's Here: Your Horoscope for 2016


Goals, goals, goals! Break out the powersuit, Sagittarius, because 2016 is bringing epic developments for your career. Your ruling planet Jupiter holds court in Virgo and your tenth house of success until September 9. Like a guided missile you’ll radar in on a major mission, one that can boost your prestige and professional rep. Just don’t try to hit too many targets at once!

It's Here: Your Horoscope for 2016


Do you believe in unicorns? By the time 2016 is over you just might. With your ruling planet Saturn flowing through your enchanted twelfth house all year, magic and miracles abound—the biggest one being your sudden desire to kick back and relax. Try as you might to force things, Saturn is teaching you lessons in (glug) surrender. Let go so you can grow, Capricorn!

It's Here: Your Horoscope for 2016


Passion, mystery and intrigue—oh my! The air is perfumed with seduction in 2016 as supersizer Jupiter slinks through Virgo and your eighth house of intimacy, eroticism and transformational breakthroughs until September 9. Take a plunge into the deep end of the pool! Coasting along with that cool, casual, comedic vibe is not an option now. In 2016, you’ll radar in on a few key relationships that you want to develop, then, give them your all.

It's Here: Your Horoscope for 2016


Make it a double, Pisces! You could find your perfect pairing in 2016—for business, pleasure or another joint venture. Thank expansive Jupiter for this. Until September 9, the red-dotted planet is touring Virgo and your seventh house of relationships. While common interests are a must, give credence to the rule of “opposites attract.” A complementary force can be the ocean floor for your flowy mermaid vibes, helping you feel grounded and stable.

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