5 Holiday Gift Ideas That Give Back

It can be so easy to get swept up in the revelry of the silly season and forget that there are people out there, in the world, who don’t have it quite as good as we do. Likewise, it is super easy to snap up a stocking stuffer just for the sake of having something to give.

But all that ends today. If you’re starting to feel like the materialistic side of the holidays is weighing you down, or you simply don’t want to buy yet another novelty gift, we’ve found five ways you can put your money to good use.

Keep scrolling to discover five of the best holiday gift ideas that give back, from Oxfam and beyond. Not only is this a way to ensure you feel good and do good this holiday season, but it is guilt-free shopping at its best. Go!

5 Holiday Gift Ideas That Give Back
5 Holiday Gift Ideas That Give Back


Oxfam has a huge range of charitable gifts under its Oxfam Unwrapped banner. Whether you gift a goat, clean water, a “small aquatic bird,” or breakfast for kids in South Africa, you know you will be transforming the lives of people who live in poverty by giving them what they need. Better yet, you can start with just $10.


5 Holiday Gift Ideas That Give Back

Care Australia

CARE programs aim to empower women, girls and their communities to overcome poverty. Donations from the sale of each CAREgift – whether you buy a lamb or help train and equip a village health volunteer – will provide support in a number of different areas: health, education, livelihoods or leadership.


5 Holiday Gift Ideas That Give Back

World Wildlife Fund

Did you know there are as few as 1,600 giant pandas left in the wild? A donation to the World Wildlife Fund will help protect the most precious threatened animal species in the world. You can make a one-off or recurring donation, but either way you’ll know that you are making a real life-changing decision.


5 Holiday Gift Ideas That Give Back


There are tons of amazing opportunities available in UNICEF’s range of Inspired Gifts – from family water kits to bicycles to polio vaccines. And when you purchase an Inspired Gift, you get to personalise a card for your loved one that will describe exactly how your gift has the ability to change someone’s life.


5 Holiday Gift Ideas That Give Back

World Vision

World Vision has a number of gifts on offer, and every one of them is important. From gifting mosquito nets to buying a fish farm to providing farming tools, the only problem you are going to have is picking one. Prices start at $15 though, so you may be able to give more than one of these amazing gifts.


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