Hey, we’re all about living for the moment, embracing each day as if it were your last, and being excited by everything that lies ahead, so when we heard about the latest ASOS campaign? Well, let’s just say we did exactly what we were supposed to do: We got excited. Yesterday, ASOS kicked off the #todayis project, an initiative that aims to get fashion fans hyped about the possibilities of every new day by introducing a new theme each day for six weeks.

This isn’t your run of the mill campaign, though. Each initiative will feature major prizes and events. For instance, participants will have the chance to win tickets to a VIP party in Miami or get involved in a portable pool party. And just to prove the point – that you should seize the day – you will only have 24 hours to participate in most of the initiatives. If this sounds so you, get involved by heading over to ASOS and finding out the opportunities that await you.

ASOS #TodayIs Campaign