Sure, we have a set of shopping bookmarks that runneth over, so what’s one more? Just yesterday we discovered The Home, a brand new home décor and design flash sale site for Australians. Based on the global flash sale model – new sales start daily, last for a limited time and are jam-packed with discounted products – The Home is hard to resist, not least because on first look, we counted no less than 32 tantalising sales.

For instance, for the next six days you can pick up super-pretty pastel bicycles thanks to a sale with Metropolitan Bikes. For a week only, you can grab retro Noritake fine dining sets or ethnic ceramic stools. And if you really like to leave things until the last minute, you can get a retro alarm clock but you’ll need to sign up today. Speaking of signing up, make sure you’re the first to tell all your friends – you’ll score a $10 shopping credit at The Home when they make their first purchase.

The Home