Customisable Fashion and Beauty Brands You Need to Know

Anyone who’s ever altered a dress or taken a pair of scissors to their favourite skinny jeans knows that adding a personal touch to your style is a powerful thing. But if you’ve never quite had the guts to really go there, you’re in luck. The world wide web is currently teeming with customisable fashion and beauty brands, which means there’s never been a better time to get down and dirty with your creative side.

Maybe shoes are your poison. Or your skincare routine is ready for a personalised overhaul. Or you’ve been dreaming about this one particular sweater for years, but you’ve never been able to find that style in stores. When it comes to your style, our new motto is: if you can dream it, you can do it.

With that in mind, keep reading to discover the customisable fashion and beauty brands ready to help.

Mon Purse

Customisable Fashion and Beauty Brands You Need to Know - Mon Purse

If you’ve always dreamed of designing the perfect handbag, you’re not alone. Australian entrepreneur Lana Hopkins had the same dream. So, in 2014, she launched Mon Purse, which gives customers the ability to customise and personalise handbags and lifestyle accessories made from quality European leather. And never mind if you’re too impatient to create a made-to-order bag. (As seen on the likes of supermodel Gigi Hadid, among others.) You can quickly purchase a monogram pouch or a letter keyring, making Mon Purse the perfect one-stop-shop for thoughtful, last-minute gifts.

Shoes of Prey

Customisable Fashion and Beauty Brands You Need to Know - Shoes of Prey
Photo: @alexrobb/Instagram

Everyone’s favourite fictional shoe-maven Carrie Bradshaw once said this: “When I want a ridiculously extravagant pair of shoes, I find a way to buy them.” Well, if Carrie were real and surfing the web in 2018, she’d have found herself a way to create them. Because that’s what Shoes of Prey does. Shoes of Prey offers its customers a way to design their own shoes – covering everything from boots to sneakers to flats. Carrie, in particular, would love the range of options. You can customise every last detail, right down to the strap. And if you don’t quite knock it out of the park, you have up to a year to return or remake your shoes.

Bow & Drape

Customisable Fashion and Beauty Brands You Need to Know - Bow & Drape

Bow & Drape creates customisable fashion pieces for “ladies with personality.” If that sounds like you, you’ll be in good company. Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon, reality star Carole Radziwill, and model/actress Jamie King all count themselves as fans of Bow & Drape. So, what can you create? Think cheeky, slogan-embellished sweaters, embroidered denim jackets, and grunge-inspired slip dresses. The sky is really the limit, especially when sequins and embroidery get involved.

The Buff

Customisable Fashion and Beauty Brands You Need to Know - The Buff

If you haven’t quite nailed your skincare routine just yet, it’s time to cast your eye to The Buff. The customisable beauty brand was dreamed up by Australian-born, New York-based writer Jasmine Garnsworthy following a chronic acne outbreak. To start, you’ll choose between a face oil and a body oil. Then, you’ll answer some questions about your complexion, your skin concerns, and any allergies you may have. From there, The Buff works its magic. Soon, a monogramed bottle – in a pastel colour of your choice – will arrive at your door, jam-packed “natural, clean, uncomplicated ingredients.” Skincare – signed, sealed and delivered.

The Daily Edited

Customisable Fashion and Beauty Brands You Need to Know - The Daily Edited

Like many entrepreneurs, Alyce Tran and Tania Liu didn’t set out to start a company. But then they came across a problem. They couldn’t find a high-quality handbag that suited their professional lives. So, they set out to solve this problem, and The Daily Edited was born. Every few months, The Daily Edited launches a new line of of-the-moment accessories. You’ll find everything from makeup pouches to notebooks to wallets. When you see something you like, you should pounce. Each piece has a limited run and you can add your own monogram (emojis included!) in a font and colour of your choice.


Customisable Fashion and Beauty Brands You Need to Know - Giella

Once you’ve customised your skincare routine and your wardrobe, it’s time to turn to makeup. That’s where Giella comes in. Giella offers customisable mineral makeup for the face, eyes, lips and nails. Let’s say, for example, you want to create a unique nail polish. You’ll start by choosing a base colour; there are around 17 options to pick from. Then, you can add white, gold, red or blue shimmer. A gold shimmer would give your base colour a metallic sheen, while a red shimmer would warm your base colour. Giella is a great choice if you love tailor-made products. If you’re indecisive, though, watch out.

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